Class LevelXing

  • public class LevelXing
    extends LayoutTrack
    A LevelXing is two track segment on a layout that cross at an angle.

    A LevelXing has four connection points, designated A, B, C, and D. At the crossing, A-C and B-D are straight segments. A train proceeds through the crossing on either of these segments.

        A   D
        \\ //
        // \\
        B   C

    Each straight segment carries Block information. A-C and B-D may be in the same or different Layout Blocks.

    For drawing purposes, each LevelXing carries a center point and displacements for A and B. The displacements for C = - the displacement for A, and the displacement for D = - the displacement for B. The center point and these displacements may be adjusted by the user when in edit mode.

    When LevelXings are first created, there are no connections. Block information and connections are added when available.

    Signal Head names are saved here to keep track of where signals are. LevelXing only serves as a storage place for signal head names. The names are placed here by Set Signals at Level Crossing in Tools menu.