Class LayoutTurntable


public class LayoutTurntable
extends LayoutTrack
A LayoutTurntable is a representation used by LayoutEditor to display a turntable.

A LayoutTurntable has a variable number of connection points, called RayTracks, each radiating from the center of the turntable. Each of these points should be connected to a TrackSegment.

Each radiating segment (RayTrack) gets its Block information from its connected track segment.

Each radiating segment (RayTrack) has a unique connection index. The connection index is set when the RayTrack is created, and cannot be changed. This connection index is used to maintain the identity of the radiating segment to its connected Track Segment as ray tracks are added and deleted by the user.

The radius of the turntable circle is variable by the user.

Each radiating segment (RayTrack) connecting point is a fixed distance from the center of the turntable. The user may vary the angle of the radiating segment. Angles are measured from the vertical (12 o'clock) position in a clockwise manner. For example, 30 degrees is 1 o'clock, 60 degrees is 2 o'clock, 90 degrees is 3 o'clock, etc.

Each radiating segment is drawn from its connection point to the turntable circle in the direction of the turntable center.