Class LayoutSlip

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    LayoutDoubleSlip, LayoutSingleSlip

    public abstract class LayoutSlip
    extends LayoutTurnout
    A LayoutSlip is a crossing of two straight tracks designed in such a way as to allow trains to change from one straight track to the other, as well as going straight across.

    A LayoutSlip has four connection points, designated A, B, C, and D. A train may proceed between A and D, A and C, B and D and in the case of double-slips, B and C.

     \\      //
        \\ //
        // \\
      //      \\

    For drawing purposes, each LayoutSlip carries a center point and displacements for A and B. The displacements for C = - the displacement for A, and the displacement for D = - the displacement for B. The center point and these displacements may be adjusted by the user when in edit mode.

    When LayoutSlips are first created, there are no connections. Block information and connections are added when available.

    SignalHead names are saved here to keep track of where signals are. LayoutSlip only serves as a storage place for SignalHead names. The names are placed here by Set Signals at Level Crossing in Tools menu.