Class SampleAutomaton2

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    public class SampleAutomaton2
    extends AbstractAutomaton
    This sample Automaton watches a Sensor, and adjusts the momentum of a locomotive using ops-mode programming when the sensor state changes.

    The sensor and decoder are hardcoded, as this is an example of just the Automaton function. Adding a GUI to configure these would be straight-forward. The values could be passed via the constructor, or the constructor (which can run in any required thread) could invoke a dialog.

    For test purposes, one of these objects can be created and invoked by a SampleAutomaton2Action.

    For more information on JMRI support for automation classes, please see the JMRI Layout Automation in Java page.

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    • Method Detail

      • init

        protected void init()
        By default, monitors sensor "32" and controls locomotive 1234(long).
        init in class AbstractAutomaton
      • handle

        protected boolean handle()
        Watch "sensor", and when it changes the momentum CV to match.
        handle in class AbstractAutomaton
        Always returns true to continue operation
      • setMomentum

        void setMomentum​(int now)
        Set CV3, acceleration momentum, to match the sensor state. When the sensor is active, set the momentum to 30; when inactive, set the momentum to 0.
        now - The current value of the sensor state.