Class JavaSoundAudioListener

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Comparable<NamedBean>, Audio, PropertyChangeProvider, AudioListener, NamedBean

    public class JavaSoundAudioListener
    extends AbstractAudioListener
    JavaSound implementation of the Audio Listener sub-class.

    For now, no system-specific implementations are forseen - this will remain internal-only

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    • Constructor Detail

      • JavaSoundAudioListener

        public JavaSoundAudioListener​(java.lang.String systemName)
        Constructor for new JavaSoundAudioListener with system name
        systemName - AudioListener object system name (e.g. IAL)
      • JavaSoundAudioListener

        public JavaSoundAudioListener​(java.lang.String systemName,
                                      java.lang.String userName)
        Constructor for new JavaSoundAudioListener with system name and user name
        systemName - AudioListener object system name (e.g. IAL)
        userName - AudioListener object user name
    • Method Detail

      • setGain

        public void setGain​(float gain)
        Description copied from interface: AudioListener
        Set the gain of this AudioListener object

        Applicable values 0.0f to 1.0f

        When applied to Listeners, has the effect of altering the master gain (or volume)

        Applies only to sub-types:

        • Listener
        • Source
        Specified by:
        setGain in interface AudioListener
        setGain in class AbstractAudioListener
        gain - new gain value - range 0.0f to 1.0f
      • cleanup

        protected void cleanup()
        Description copied from class: AbstractAudio
        Abstract method that concrete classes will implement to perform necessary cleanup routines.

        This method is now included in dispose(). The caller can call dispose() to cleanup and deregister an audio object.

        Specified by:
        cleanup in class AbstractAudio