Class SingleTurnoutSignalHead

All Implemented Interfaces:
PropertyChangeListener, VetoableChangeListener, Comparable<NamedBean>, EventListener, PropertyChangeProvider, NamedBean, Signal, SignalHead

public class SingleTurnoutSignalHead
extends DefaultSignalHead
implements PropertyChangeListener
Drive a single signal head via one "Turnout" object.

After much confusion, the user-level terminology was changed to call these "Single Output"; the class name remains the same to reduce recoding.

One Turnout object is provided during construction, and drives the appearance to be either ON or OFF. Normally, "THROWN" is on, and "CLOSED" is off. The facility to set the appearance via any of the basic four appearance colors + Lunar is provided, however they all do the same.

Based upon DoubleTurnoutSignalHead by Bob Jacobsen