Class SensorGroupConditional

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Comparable<NamedBean>, PropertyChangeProvider, Conditional, NamedBean

    public class SensorGroupConditional
    extends DefaultConditional A Conditional type to provide runtime support for Densor Groups.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • SensorGroupConditional

        public SensorGroupConditional​(java.lang.String systemName,
                                      java.lang.String userName)
    • Method Detail

      • calculate

        public int calculate​(boolean enabled,
                             java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent evt)
        Description copied from class: DefaultConditional
        Calculate this Conditional. When _enabled is false, Conditional.calculate will compute the state of the conditional, but will not trigger its actions. When _enabled is true, the state is computed and if the state has changed, will trigger all its actions.
        Specified by:
        calculate in interface Conditional
        calculate in class DefaultConditional
        enabled - true if Logix should be enabled; false otherwise
        evt - event to trigger if true
        the new state