Class SE8cSignalHead

All Implemented Interfaces:
VetoableChangeListener, Comparable<NamedBean>, EventListener, PropertyChangeProvider, NamedBean, Signal, SignalHead

public class SE8cSignalHead
extends DefaultSignalHead
Extend jmri.SignalHead for signals implemented by an SE8C.

This implementation writes out to the physical signal when it's commanded to change appearance, and updates its internal state when it hears commands from other places.

To get a complete set of aspects, we assume that the SE8C board has been configured such that the 4th aspect is "dark". We then do flashing aspects by commanding the lit appearance to change.

We can't assume any form of numbering for Turnouts to address the digits, so we take two turnout names as arguments. As a convenience, we manage the user names if they're not already set.

Only the DARK, RED, GREEN and YELLOW appearances will be properly tracked when they occur on the LocoNet. The FLASHING aspects won't be, nor will the Held or Lit states.

The algorithms in this class are a collaborative effort of Digitrax, Inc and Bob Jacobsen.