Package jmri

Class TransitSectionAction

  • public class TransitSectionAction
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class holds information and options for a Action to be applied when an automated train enters, exits, or is inside of a Section in a Transit.

    A TransitSection holds specified TrainsitSectionActions. A TransitSection may have as many TransitSectionActions as appropriate. Each TransitSectionAction belongs to one and only one TransitSection.

    TransitSectionActions are specified in two parts: 1. The "When" part specifies when after the automated train enters the Section the action is to be initiated. Optionally, each "when" may be delayed by a specified time (in milliseconds). 2. The "What" part specified what action is to occur.

    TransitSectionActions are created and edited in the Transit Table, when Transits are defined.

    This class provides support for SENSORACTIVE and SENSORINACTIVE "when"'s.