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Interface PowerManager

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AbstractPowerManager, CbusPowerManager, DCCppPowerManager, DefaultPowerManager, EasyDccPowerManager, EcosPowerManager, JMRIClientPowerManager, LnPowerManager, LnPr2PowerManager, MarklinPowerManager, MrcPowerManager, Mx1PowerManager, NcePowerManager, SprogPowerManager, SRCPPowerManager, TamsPowerManager, XNetPowerManager, XpaPowerManager

public interface PowerManager
extends PropertyChangeProvider
Provide controls for layout power.

The PowerManager handles three states:

  • On/Off which controls electrical power to the track
  • an optional "Idle" state, where track power is alive but track-connected decoders may be un-controllable
A layout may not have control over these, in which case attempts to change them should return an exception. If the state cannot be sensed, that should also return an exception.

Some connections, including some LocoNet-based connections, implement the "Idle" state. For these LocoNet-based connections, when the Power state is "Idle", the track power is alive and the command station is broadcasting "stop" to all mobile decoders. Other systems may implement different interpretation of the "Idle" state.

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