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Interface GlobalProgrammerManager

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CbusDccProgrammerManager, CbusProgrammerManager, Dcc4PcProgrammerManager, DCCppProgrammerManager, DebugProgrammerManager, DefaultProgrammerManager, DeferringProgrammerManager, EasyDccProgrammerManager, EcosProgrammerManager, LnProgrammerManager, MrcProgrammerManager, Mx1ProgrammerManager, NceProgrammerManager, OlcbProgrammerManager, SprogProgrammerManager, SRCPProgrammerManager, TamsProgrammerManager, UhlenbrockProgrammerManager, XNetProgrammerManager, Z21XNetProgrammerManager

public interface GlobalProgrammerManager
extends PropertyChangeProvider
Get access to available Programmer objects.

Programmers come in two types:

  • Global, previously "Service Mode" or on a programming track. Request these from an instance of this interface.
  • Addressed, previously "Ops Mode" also known as "programming on the main". Request these from an instance of AddressedProgrammerManager.

This interface also provides a reserve/release system for tools that want to pretend they have exclusive use of a Programmer. This is a cooperative reservation; both tools (first and second reserver) must be using the reserve/release interface.

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