Package jmri

Interface CatalogTree

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<NamedBean>, NamedBean, PropertyChangeProvider, TreeModel
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractCatalogTree, CatalogTreeFS, CatalogTreeIndex

public interface CatalogTree
extends NamedBean, TreeModel
Represents a CatalogTree, a tree displaying a taxonomy - e.g. a file system directory, or an index of references or a table of contents built according to the user's taxonomy.

Specific implementations are in the jmri.jmrit.catalog package.

The states and names are Java Bean parameters, so that listeners can be registered to be notified of any changes.

Each CatalogTree object has a two names. The "user" name is entirely free form, and can be used for any purpose. The "system" name is provided by the purpose-specific implementations.

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