Package apps.gui3.tabbedpreferences

Provides the tabbed preferences window and its contents.

There is generally only one TabbedPreferencesFrame in the system, containing the single TabbedPreferences content object. Both are available in the InstanceManager. Various classes across JMRI show these by using TabbedPreferencesAction instances, or instances of subclasses.

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The Startup Process

The current (March 2019, JMRI 4.15.3) implementation does all this in the requesting thread, which can take a few seconds when the preferences are eventually requested. That's not an every-time thing, so perhaps that delay is OK, perhaps not. Eventually, it would be desirable to separate the content vs GUI sections of TabbedPreferences and defer the GUI creation (which is the majority of the time) to a separate GUI-update thread. TabbedPreferences creation process
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PreferencesManager, PreferencesPanel, AppConfigBase