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Revision 2004.11.21
Based on JMRI 1.5.3

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Advanced throttles

Getting Started
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Introduction: What Is The Throttle Tool

The JMRI Throttle Tool is just one of the many digital railroading tools that are part of the JMRI Project. It has the ability to run a DCC decoder equipped locomotive around a layout using a computer keyboard and mouse for control instead of a hand-held throttle. This tool offers many of the same common features that can be found on most hand-held throttles, including the ability to control light and sound functions.

This user guide was intended to introduce those unfamiliar with the throttle tool. After reading through the sections identified below, and trying the throttle tool on your own, hopefully it will increase your enjoyment of the DCC model railroading hobby.

Updated version of the Throttle documentation

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How To Use This Guide

This user guide was set up almost as a training guide. Each section link in the left column is organized like a book. If you are new to using the throttles, follow each section chapter in sequence and the text will walk you through the process step-by-step including the opening up of a new throttle layout, customizing it, and then saving all your hard work.

If you have already found the throttle layout tools, but are looking for more information about them, then hopefully there is a section or two that can also be of help. The list of chapters and sections will always be available in the left column from any page while viewing this guide. There is also a couple of navigation buttons at the bottom of each page. These will take you to the next or previous chapters; or the the main table of contents page (see next paragraph).

In the list of links provided on the left, and located at the conclusion of each chapter page, there is a link identified as TOC or Table Of Contents. This link will take to a dedicated table of contents page. Some may find it easier to navigate using that page instead. However, the left column does contain all available links that the TOC page contains.

Important Note: Multiple programmers are involved with the code development on this project. Some work on the "front end" of the code (which is the interface that you see on your computer screen), and others are working on the "back end" of the software for each particular DCC system needs. Although the "front end" should remain constant across all systems, there may be slight differences experienced on your particular DCC system and computer in comparison to what is described and shown in this user guide.

The examples and references shown in this guide are based on version 1.5.3 of the software, operating under Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with a Digitrax system.

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Use these links to either advance to the next chapter for an introduction to the Throttle Tool, or to view the complete table of contents page.