Package jmri.jmrix.nce

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Interface Summary
NceInterface Define interface for sending and receiving messages to the NCE command station.
NceListener Defines the interface for listening to traffic on the NCE communications link.

Class Summary
ActiveFlag Provide a flag to indicate that the system provided by this package is active.
NceAIU Model an NCE AIU These AIUs are numbered ala the cab bus, from 1 to 63.
NceBinaryCommand NCE Binary Commands Also see for additional commands
NceClockControl Implementation of the Hardware Fast Clock for NCE This module is based on the LocoNet version as worked over by David Duchamp based on original work by Bob Jacobsen and Alex Shepherd.
NceCmdStationMemory Contains the map for the command station and memory parts
NceCmdStationMemory.CabMemorySerial Memory offsets for cab info in a serial connected command station
NceCmdStationMemory.CabMemoryUsb Memory offsets for cab info in a usb connected command station
NceConnectionTypeList Returns a list of valid nce Connection Types
NceLight Implementation of the Light Object for NCE Based in part on
NceLightManager Implement light manager for NCE systems System names are "NLnnnnn", where nnnnn is the stationary decoder address.
NceMenu Deprecated.
NceMessage Encodes a message to an NCE command station.
NceMessageCheck Checks that a NCE message is valid for the connection type.
NceOpsModeProgrammer Provide an Ops Mode Programmer via a wrapper what works with the NCE command station object.
NcePowerManager PowerManager implementation for controlling layout power.
NceProgrammer Convert the jmri.Programmer interface into commands for the NCE power house.
NceProgrammerManager Extend DefaultProgrammerManager to provide ops mode programmers for NCE systems
NceReply Carries the reply to an NceMessage.
NceSensor Extend jmri.AbstractSensor for NCE systems
NceSensorManager Manage the NCE-specific Sensor implementation.
NceSystemConnectionMemo Lightweight class to denote that a system is active, and provide general information.
NceThrottle An implementation of DccThrottle with code specific to an NCE connection.
NceThrottleManager NCE implementation of a ThrottleManager.
NceTrafficController Converts Stream-based I/O to/from NCE messages.
NceTurnout Implement a Turnout via NCE communications.
NceTurnoutManager Implement turnout manager for NCE systems.
NceTurnoutMonitor Polls NCE Command Station for turnout discrepancies This implementation reads the NCE Command Station (CS) memory that stores the state of all accessories thrown by cabs or though the comm port using the new binary switch command.
NceUSB Deprecated.

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