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Package jmri.jmrit.ussctc

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Support for implementing USS CTC systems in JMRI.

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Package jmri.jmrit.ussctc Description

Support for implementing USS CTC systems in JMRI.

Related Documentation

For overviews, tutorials, examples, guides, and tool documentation, please see: Sequence diagrams of how all this goes together: Code press Indication
There are a number of older tools remaining in this package:

Each tool is made of three parts:

  1. A class that handles creation and editing of the underlying objects that implement the tool. For example, the OsIndicator class provides objects that can create the Routes and Logix needed to implement an OS Indicator.
  2. A class to provide a JPanel for creating and editing the objects. For example, the OsIndicatorPanel class does this for OsIndicators.
  3. A class to provide a default frame for embedding the panel. In the case of Os Indicators, this is OsIndicatorFrame. These are children of JmriJFrames so they can inherit the features expected ot a JMRI tool frame.
  4. A class to provide an Action that will open the frame, e.g. for use in menus.

The underlying implementations for these are based on Logix and Routes, not on specific classes.

See Also:
jmri.managers, jmri.implementation
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